Tiffany and Louis got engaged on Saturday, December 21, 2013. See their versions of the story below.

When it finally came time to propose to Tiffany, it was not an easy decision. Not that it wasn’t an easy decision to get married, but the way to propose was not easy.

I have always wanted to get married and I’ve always wanted the proposal to be something memorable and special, however, Tiffany is a different type of girl. I love her for it but it definitely makes things a bit difficult. It did not help that whenever we discussed proposals or were able to view them she would show me videos of guys basically shutting down Disneyland so they can have the proposal on the teacup ride lol or creating feature films with full production crews lol!
So I knew that my main thing really had to rely on it being a surprise and special at the same time. I honestly did beat my brain for quite a while on how to do this and on how to have the perfect timing. So what did I do? I set up a fake Christmas/ Studio Grand Opening Children’s Toy Drive Party! I know that with the mix of the studio grand opening and the toy drive it would help throw her off from thinking this was a proposal party. And it worked! We had already gone looking at rings prior to the party and we came across a ring that she loved. The only thing is that there was a special deal on the ring and it was so nice that I waited it would  be gone. So So as time went on, I entertained that notion that the ring probably wasn’t there anymore when I actually purchased the ring already.

Everything was going smoothly until some of her friends made comments on the Party invitation asking if it was an engagement party. That really threw me off because I did not want her to know obviously. I recovered quickly, I asked her why are friends asking what kind party it was and I created SAD moment asking her should I be marrying you or proposing to you right now? I told her that I felt bad because I didn’t feel that it’s time for that and that I feel pressured to get married lol. Now with that being in her head it helped throw her off. 🙂  But little did she know, at the party, that every single person knew that I was going to propose that very night.

So the time came for me to make the announcement I connected her computer to the projector that played the music. I have my brother, Joey, play an audio recording of her dad and I on a phone conversation asking if I can have her hand in marriage. The moment she heard her dad’s voice coming from her computer she thought it was a recording of them talking and hurries over and disconnects the computer from the system! Everyone is looking at her knowing that this is the moment and she is messing it up! So my friend, Sherise helps and gets her away from the computer to fix her clothes. At that time I told her, “I know what I am doing and I’m taking care of the music.” I played it again and she continues to repeat, “That’s my Dad, That’s My Dad!” Finally it gets to the point where I ask him for his daughter’s hand in marriage and she realizes what it is happening. Even if she had a clue, there were enough variables in place to confuse her!
After she cried (yea right) and accepted my proposal, I played videos of her friends and family saying congratulations. I reached out to them and had them prerecord in preparation and anticipation of a “YES!” With the lack of close friends and family from Atlanta in Los Angles, I wanted her to know that everyone supported this union and the they were still here in spirit and love.

I say, “But by the grace of God was I able to make it happen and I’m glad that WE did after a year and a half together!

I love you baby!




Well Louis wrote an entire chapter lol. I promise not to be as long 🙂

Early November, Louis and I went to the mall and decided to stop into a ring store. After trying on several rings…I found one that was unique and I loved it. The lady mentioned that she had just got it in and it probably wouldn’t stay there long. Being that Louis and I had not truly talked about when we would get engaged, I stated that I loved the ring and left it alone. I dreamt of it a few times after that moment though.

Few weeks later, Louis decides that he wanted to throw a Christmas party. Everyone knows I love having moments with a group of close friends! He made a flyer and we began inviting people. I did not invite too many people because it was his ‘Studio Grand Opening’. Somehow the day of the party I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Buying décor, cleaning the house, cooking the food…and where is Louis… he was on the computer the entire time. I have to admit that I was really upset with him so when my friends asked the question on my Instagram if it was an engagement party I quickly said ‘no’ my actual words were ‘Lol!!! No one is getting engaged around here lol!!!’ Louis calls me and asks why everyone was asking that….Lord that was a hard conversation for number of reasons. I took a deep breath and looked at my watch. People were at the door and my hair was not even done. I brushed it in a ponytail and put on the dress that Louis begged me to wear. At this point I wanted sweats and a hoodie. I was such a good girlfriend lol.

Louis entire family came and a lot of people whom I have never met before. I thought that was weird as I assumed it was just a few friends of ours coming. I remember talking to my bestie, Michael, about it and he just shrug it off to it being Christmas. Suddenly, I hear my dad’s voice on the speakers. My computer was hooked up to the speakers and I had no clue what it was so I unplugged it. Yea, Louis was upset with me. Sherise called me over and Louis played it again. Once I realized what was happening I ran behind a curtain and kept saying ‘Oh my God!’ They pulled me back to the room and Louis walked to me and kneeled. Opened the box and it was the ring that I wanted. Before saying ‘yes’ I said ‘You got the ring!’ lol then I said ‘YES!’ The rest of the night I was just so surprised that everyone knew of this secret but me. I cried to the videos of my family and went on my Instagram and recanted my statement….’We’re engaged!’

Love you more!