Our Beginning

Tiffany Headshot

Tiffany Burgess was born in Atlanta, Georgia to George Burgess and Ginger Walton. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where she dedicates her time to developing her life coaching business, volunteering for local charities and being employed at a local nonprofit. She is currently attending Regis University where she is pursuing a second Master’s in Nonprofit Management.

Tiffany is the reigning Ms. National US and could not have done any of this without the support of her amazing fiance’. 🙂

Daniel ‘Louis’ Cuthbert was born in Los Angeles, California to Daniel and Tanya Cuthbert. Louis, celebrity/fashion photographer and image consultant, has taken quite a journey from his childhood days in Carson, California. Graduating from Carson High School, Louis relocated and continued his education at Riverside Community College. Studying business, graphic design and music, Louis took his learned skills to creating his own business.

His hobbies include keeping up with his forever busy fiance’.

*insert side eye*

We cannot forget about Chloe’! Tiffany and Louis have a puppy named Chloe’ and can we just say personality! Chloe’ spends her day being Tiffany’s shadow, sunbathing, howling at the doorbell and demanding Louis to play fetch.