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This is our story of love at first sip… well bite too! Soup and Watermelon! 🙂

Lol let us explain.

Louis and Tiffany met on Facebook in March 2011 when Tiffany moved to California. On a mission to meet people in her field. Tiffany added anyone that lived in Los Angeles and had model, director, fashion, makeup and photographer in their bio . Low and behold, Louis Facebook name just happened to be ‘iphototaker’.


After brief conversation about editing and potential business opportunities, Tiffany decided to invite Louis to her birthday party. Unfortunately, Louis did not make it but he is not shy in saying that pictures of Tiffany’s birthday outfit made him regret not attending.

And this is where the story begins.



Only a few months later, Tiffany came down with a really bad summer cold and Louis decided to come to the rescue. Tiffany and Louis met that day and have not left each other’s side since. They like to consider July 3rd as their first anniversary!

After only a year and six months, Louis decided that Tiffany was the one for him.